About New Generation Transportation

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New Generation Transportation Inc., was established in June 2014. The founders Hugh & Daphney Williams made a decision that would bring a much-needed solution to a challenge they were presently facing. Having to take so much time off in order to be able to take their aging and sick grandmother to doctors visits, became quite a challenge. Their Grandma had joined this young couple to be under their care, but that came with its challenges. The couple started experiencing the stress and burden of taking days off, exhausting their PTO in order to make themselves available for their grandmother's medical needs and doctor's visits. These issues force the young couple to start exploring different business ventures, in order to be in a position to be a caretaker for their grandmother. They desired to have the ability to control their time, secure a higher financial security, and the ability to create a solution in a business model to the day to day challenges they were currently facing. Within that challenging position, they saw it as an opportunity to create a solution to many others in their shoes. They quickly saw a need in their community for a transportation service that catered to the elderly with mobility issues, and also language barriers. The idea of transportation seemed right for both founders based on the skills they had already acquired. Daphney with over 25 years in customer service, hospitality, and insurance industry is well-versed in customer service. Hugh with over 10 years experience in the medical field aiding the elderly. Together they started a service that has ventured into specializing in non-emergency wheelchair transportation service, and are looking to introduce additional needed services that their community needs. Eight plus years later, New Generation Transportation is here, and impacting our community one ride at a time.

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Daphney Williams

Co-Owner, CEO, of New Generation Transportation that was established in June 2014

She is a wife and a mother of two boys Hugh Jr. who she has the honor of being a mom to when she and her husband married 2009, and their youngest Malachi who she shares with her husband. She is from the Island of Haiti where she resides for the first nine years of her life. She was always inspired to become a lawyer, and eventually have her own law firm in Manhattan, NY. Life didn't go that route for Daphney. But the inspiration to become an entrepreneur never died in her. Her love and inspiration to be an entrepreneur had taken her in directions of starting several businesses and working in the customer service industry. Her experience in customer service has landed her in the insurance industry where she worked for close to 10 years. She enjoyed helping, making a difference in the life of her customers by helping them protect themselves and their loved ones by having the right policies and promoting life insurance. Daphney lives and finds her happy place when helping others.
Her decision with her husband to start their company was inspired by her grandmother who moved with them in 2011. Her grandmother's doctor appointments, language barrier and early signs of dementia made it difficult for them to find the right transportation service. They knew they couldn't be the only one in the community going through this reality of missing several days of work. They saw a need and wanted to share the solution with other families that are facing the same hurdle but don't or can't afford to take time off for their elderly parent(s). It was their way to not only help Daphney's grandmother but also bring a solution to their community. Daphney and her husband and their team of drivers have been making a difference in other people's lives for close to 10 years through their business. Daphney looks forward to continuing to make a difference in the industry for centuries to come by continuing to bring the awareness that it shouldn't be difficult for families to find transportation service in their native language and for their loved ones that are experiencing dementia.

Hugh Williams

Co-Owner, COO, of New Generation Transportation that he founded with his wife Daphney Williams in June 2014.

Hugh Williams is a dedicated husband and proud father of his two boys Hugh Jr., and Malachi. Hugh is from Montego Bay, Jamaica where he did most of his studies prior to coming to the States at 21 years old. Life’s unforeseen events and tragedies started to shift the landscape of how he would
continue to view life. He witnessed a life threatening illness take his first wife away from him just six months after being diagnosed with her medical condition. He did everything in his power to provide and care for her in her time of medical need, but unfortunately it just wasn’t enough. This tragic loss left Hugh to face the challenges of being a single father, which presented him with the decision to drop out of school; in order to be a full time parent and provider to his kids. He was on the path of becoming an Electrical Engineer and aspired to own his own business. Due to Hugh's strong love for his family and his aspirations to take care of his sons and provide for them. He decided to leave his beloved home of Jamaica to start a new life in the United States, where he hoped to be able to provide a better future for his sons. Those experiences that Hugh had faced in his life, had built a desire in him, not just to his immediate family, but to help others in his community. That desire had landed Hugh in the medical field where he focused on the elderly that are experiencing Dementia, Alzheimer's, and who had physical mobility issues. Now over 8 years later, his business “New Generation Transportation” is doing just that. Impacting the elderly oneride at a time, with a smile.